Rewind WP Terms

Please read carefully.
If you do not agree to these terms, you do not have to use the service.
You agree not to abuse our service.
We do not claim to own any of your data.
This is NOT a BACKUP service.
You may disconnect service from Rewind WP at any time.
All data is hashed with SHA-256 encryption.
Do not share any Rewind WP API keys with anyone.
Your Rewind WP API key serves as the link between Rewind WP and your website.
Please ensure you have made at least ONE backup copy of your website before activating this service.
We will not be held responsible for any data loss that may occur.
We take your privacy and security very seriously.
We are GDPR-compliant and do not keep data any longer than needed.
   • Once you remove a site, all data about the site is removed from our servers.
   • You may request to remove your account and officially remove all data.
We do not store any of your payment information.
All payment information is handled by our third-party payment processor, Stripe.
We will never email you asking for any personal or payment information.
We track visitor data with HeapAnalytics.
Our pricing is subject to change.
You may cancel at any time.
There are no refunds.
For any questions or suggestions, contact us.

Last Updated: 4/5/2020